B Sharp offers training and development programmes for older young people, aged 16-25. These provide young people with practical work experience in music leadership, production and event management, information about routes into creative industries and mentoring to help develop their interests and confidence in order to take the next steps towards a creative career.

Young Trainee Music Leader Programme  

Join our programme to gain paid work experience and develop skills in music leadership, music production and event management. 

You will help lead one of our weekly after-school music sessions. 

You will receive training in working with young people in music.   

You will also be mentored to see how B Sharp can help you develop your interests in music, music leadership, production and event management.  

We can help you gain the experience you need to build your CV, so that you are prepared to take the next steps in your career. 

We can also support you to take Arts Award. 

Time helping in our weekly sessions will be paid.  

Please contact info@bsharp.org.uk for more information or to apply. 


B Sharp’s MusicFutures programme supports talented young people aged 15 – 25 who are interested in a career in music, to help them learn about the industry, and develop musical skills, confidence and individual creative voice.
You will take part in monthly workshops, masterclasses and jamming sessions.  

You will receive mentoring to help you take next steps in your industry career. 

You will form a network of supportive peers.  

Please contact info@bsharp.org.uk for more information or to apply. 

The next programme is due to start September 2024. 

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