Vision & Mission

We are passionate about building a sound future for young people through music.
We offer a broad, inclusive programme of music, singing, participation, creation, performance and development from early years to adulthood, and to young people from a wide variety of backgrounds across West Dorset, East Devon and South Somerset.
We build personal, social, enterprise and leadership skills so participants and our young workforce of music leaders develop as people, musicians and citizens.

How we work

Young people are at the heart of what we do.
The opportunities that young people have with B Sharp to make music are unique, because of our ethos of inclusive, creative group composition. We encourage young people from a wide variety of backgrounds, ages, and skill levels, to work in groups, to create their own original music, improvise and ‘jam’. B Sharp is unique nationally in providing regular weekly inclusive creative ensemble opportunities for young people.

Who we are

B Sharp is a charity, and is run by a small staff team, working closely with a core team of professional music leaders. The charity is overseen by a board of trustees. We also work regularly with a wider group of freelance professional music leaders, guest musicians and creative professionals.
We actively develop partnerships across the music, education, youth and charity sectors to ensure music opportunities are available to all young people.
We are fortunate to receive Revenue Funding from Dorset Council and Lyme Regis Town Council, and support from Youth Music towards our regular weekly sessions.
We seek other funding on a project by project basis.

My son truly benefited from the project and made great strides in his music making, his commitment to learning and social interaction. I would say this is true for many of the group. The cost of not funding work like this is a lack of ongoing opportunity and associated risks

Stephen Perrett


Thank you for all the hard work and creativity you put into the groups. I just wanted to share something that X said last night after coming home from B Sharp, he told us he felt like he had been accepted and belonged as part of the group. This is massive for us, as X had a really tough start in life and often feels like an outsider. It is great that he has found ‘his people’ and that you have provided the opportunity and space for him to develop his musical skills, his social skills and confidence.


I think I found B Sharp at a really crucial part of my life, and it’s a bit scary to me to think about who I’d be now if I hadn’t found them.  If I hadn’t started going to sessions and eventually become a Trainee, it would have been infinitely harder for me to achieve my goals and ambitions because I wouldn’t have the confidence I have now.  I also found that the support I got from the other members truly helped me to overcome the struggles I was facing, and every week I looked forward to the sessions no matter how bad of a week I’d had.  I’m incredibly grateful to B Sharp for all that they have helped me achieve and for their constant and unwavering support,

E, Trainee Music Leader

I want to thank you and the team at B Sharp again – I felt it was a really safe and professionally held way for more vulnerable young people to access music.

Parent of Yp with ASD/Social Anxiety

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