B Sharp’s programme helps improve outcomes for children and young people in a rurally isolated area. Through evaluation our young people, their families and partners tell us that young people who participate, including those who are vulnerable, improve musical skills, social skills and confidence and wellbeing. We have a strong track record of empowering children and young people facing challenging circumstances to develop musical, personal and social skills that improve their lives.
B Sharp’s training and development programmes improve outcomes by enhancing people’s aspirations and skills to improve social mobility. Our Young Music Leader traineeship mentors young people 6 – 10 young people per year, helping them develop transferable skills for future employment. Our established training cascade, ensures we offer high-quality employment, and career progression opportunities to young creatives in the region.


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B Sharp has been an amazing experience for our children who have been inspired to let their musical creativity out. We are very lucky to have an organisation like this making this all possible for children in a culturally deprived area

Claire Rinaldi

Axe Beacon Federation

I think I found B Sharp at a really crucial part of my life, and it’s a bit scary to me to think about who I’d be now if I hadn’t found them.  If I hadn’t started going to sessions and eventually become a Trainee, it would have been infinitely harder for me to achieve my goals and ambitions because I wouldn’t have the confidence I have now.  I also found that the support I got from the other members truly helped me to overcome the struggles I was facing, and every week I looked forward to the sessions no matter how bad of a week I’d had.  I’m incredibly grateful to B harp for all that they have helped me achieve and for their constant and unwavering support.

E - Trainee Music Leader




Young People’s Stories

I have really enjoyed working as a trainee, because building relationships with the young people has been fulfilling for me, because B Sharp helped my confidence hugely, and to be able to pass that on has been amazing. Because I know in my life if I hadn’t had that push, or that extra support through music, then I don’t know where I would be.  It has helped me enormously.

G - Trainee Music Leader

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