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B Sharp Youth Music Workshop for Early Years and Families is led by experienced youth music leaders Jacques Verhaeren and Hannah Cummings. This is a full on, fun and action packed thirty minutes delivering exciting musical activities that promote individual and collective confidence, rhythm and movement, language, listening and social skills. The audience, children, families and grandparents love it and the audience can be as large as demand requires.


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If you are interested in booking some early years sessions please fill in our contact form and one of the team will be in touch.

Primary Years

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In the present climate where budgets are tighter than ever we’re committed to helping schools deliver music programmes which are both affordable and achieve the desired outcomes. We’ll work with your school to find ways to deliver music making around your needs and resources. We can deliver all, or aspects of, your music syllabus and Music Education Plan through whole class or small group instrumental tuition, singing and ensemble development in curriculum time or as enrichment. We also are able to offer music during your PPA time.

We know we can make a difference. We use music as a vehicle to teach and improve many aspects of each child’s learning and development, with a big focus on fun! Introducing new challenges and progression pathway opportunities for all children as they progress.

But, don’t take our word for it! Here’s what Mr. Rich from St. Michaels School said about our programme at his school Being new to the area, I hadn’t experienced B Sharp before. I was amazed how the less confident children were volunteering to stand up in front of their peers. It was so good to witness. It gives children the chance to perform and excel at something that isn’t core subjects.” 

If you are interested in our services or want to talk some ideas through
Contact Managing Director: Fran Williams – franwilliams@bsharp.org.uk    tel: 07968 177663

We are supported by Dorset and Devon Music Hubs

Read more about our  B Sharp Primary School Service

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If you are interested in booking some Primary years sessions please fill in our contact form and one of the team will be in touch.

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Get in the festive spirit and come along and sing with our Pop Up Choir at Bridport Christmas Cheer tomorrow! Spectators are also welcome!

We’ll be at the LSi (Literary and Scientific Institute), East Street, Bridport on Wednesday 5th December 2018
5.00pm – 5.30pm.

Our Auction is live. If you want to bid, get online now and see the items https://t.co/w3KEN3V36P

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3 days ago

B Sharp

Just Jamming and enjoying music tonight at Hub Jams. Party time next Tuesday with the new term starting 8 January.

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