B Sharp works with schools across Dorset, East Devon and Somerset, offering a range of music experiences to young people aged 4 – 18. Led by professional and experienced music leaders, B Sharp music activities are enjoyable and carefully designed to meet the school’s intended outcomes. Activities support personal, learning, social, health, and community outcomes and well as meeting curriculum aims. Projects can be designed for individual schools, or for collaborating school clusters.

Primary Schools
B Sharp can work with you to deliver all aspects of your music curriculum and Music Education Plan and musical enrichment in your school. Our professional music leaders can deliver music curriculum teaching, whole class or small group instrumental tuition, singing and ensemble development. Read more about our B Sharp Primary School Service

SPECIAL OFFER for Reception & Key Stage 1
Book a Block of 6 x 45 minute sessions for £180 (£30 per session) – usual cost £300
This offer is currently subsidised by a grant from Youth Music so that we can establish wider 
partnerships with Early years, Reception and Key Stage 1, to build pathways for children and families. 

Secondary Schools
B Sharp can work with you to deliver music enrichment programs, including singing development. We can also run lunchtime or after-school ensembles or music clubs.

Special Schools
B Sharp music leaders are experienced and skilled at leading exciting and inclusive music making activities with young people with a range of disabilities and learning needs. Music activities can be designed around a range of topics, or can be tailored to address a specific learning outcome.


In the present climate where budgets are tighter than ever we’re committed to helping schools deliver music programmes which are both affordable and achieve the desired outcomes. We’ll work with your school to find ways to deliver music making around your needs and resources. If you are interested in our services or want to talk some ideas through contact Ruth Cohen ruthcohen@bsharp.org.uk    tel: 07947334138. We are supported by Dorset and Devon Music Hubs.


Read more about our B Sharp Primary School Service



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If you are interested in booking some Primary years sessions please fill in our contact form and one of the team will be in touch.

“I was amazed how the less confident children were volunteering to stand up in front of their peers. It was so good to witness. It gives children the chance to perform and excel at something that isn’t core subjects.” 

Mr Rich

St Michael's School

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Come along tonight and join B Sharp’s Boombox sessions for children aged 8-11. Musical games, singing, playing instruments and creating new music in a fun and friendly environment.
See https://t.co/kbte5mDLbG for times and prices. Message or call 07947 334138 for more info.

The Children’s Festival is seeking Young Performers to perform on The Garden Stage during the festival. If you are a young folk performer (singer, musician, band, dancer etc) register your interest by emailing: bev.langton@talk21.com – if under 18, this must be done by an adult.

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5 days ago

B Sharp

If anyone would like to start building a drum kit, B Sharp is getting rid of various parts. Not the greatest, but by far the cheapest you will find! They have to be gone by 8:30pm this evening from The Hub, Lyme Regis. Come and get ‘em!

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